World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic tournament is an international event competed in by multiple countries around the world. The event has been going for a number of years and is a favourite of countries such as Japan, who have won the title of World champions on two separate occasions. Other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, have also won, which is proof positive that the World Baseball Classic tournament is one of the most far reaching in the world.

Given that baseball has a perceived reputation for being dominated by the United States, and that many of the other baseball tournaments are seen as Untied States centric events, the World Baseball Classic tournament is often considered to be the baseball event for ‘the other competing nations.’ The United States does indeed compete in the World Baseball Classic tournament, but has not dominated the event in any way. In fact, although each championship final has been held in the United States, the USA has not won a single one of the events.


World Baseball Classic, although already extremely popular in many parts of the world, has only been going for a relatively short period of time. Originally founded in 2006, a year in which Japan were the overall winners, just two official tournaments have been held since. Given that World Baseball Classic has seen enormous popularity, however, it is quickly gaining a reputation for being a premier Baseball event.  It is set to be held once every four years, with more and more countries set to compete in future tournaments.

So far Japan has won two Baseball World Classic tournaments, with the Dominican Republic winning the most recent. The next tournament is set to be held in 2017, with many countries already excited to see how the event turns out.

Sports Betting Options

Given that the Baseball World Classic tournament is so new, it has yet to properly establish any real trends in which teams will outperform the others. This means that bet making for the event is extremely unpredictable, and hence very interesting and exciting at the best mobile betting sites. A team previously considered to be an underdog may perform unexpectedly well, which means that enormous payouts may be earned, if the bet maker is willing to take risks. As with all sporting events, the higher risk bets will always payout the biggest sums of money.

It is important for those who are looking to place bets on the Baseball World Classic tournament to understand odds. Odds are assigned by the bookmaker to teams based on the likelihood of that team winning. A team considered to be underdog, with little chance of winning, will be given very high odds. This means that a bet placed on this team, with the result of that team winning, will result in very high payouts being given. Therefore, a wise bet maker will research teams well, and always go for the most likely to win underdog team. Remember that odds for teams may change as the tournament progresses, and the bookmaker gets deeper insights.