Gothic Online Slot Described for Casino Gamers

Gothic Online Slot Described

The Gothic Slot Game is a creation of Genesis Studios. It stands apart for having an especially dark theme, centred on characters that seem to embrace the gloomy atmosphere. The male character, gazing at the player with piercing blue eyes, isn’t outright stated as being a vampire, but questions are raised about what exactly the red liquid in his wine glass might be. His female counterpart likewise has a blood sucker vibe about her, but neither of the two characters are proudly displaying pointed canines, so the situation is up for debate.

In general the graphics in the Gothic Slot game are good, with detailed, high resolution images populating the reels. From spooky candles and mysterious crystal balls, the iconic images have been lovingly designed by a professional artist. Plus, the haunting music that kicks in each time the reels are spun bring the whole experience together into something truly immersive. The Gothic slot game is certainly a winner among those to play at casino sites in the presentation department. But what about the game play?

Game Play Design

The Gothic slot game uses a 5 reel system, backed by 243 ways to win. This is referred to as the All Pays system, and although very generous, may be a sticking point for some players. The main drawback is that the All Pays system does not allow for betting lines to be adjusted in any way. Some players see this as being robbed of strategic options, which is a point that really can’t be argued against. Other players, however, enjoy the fact that decision making has been largely removed, allowing the player to simply enjoy the experience.

What the Gothic slot game does offer as apposed to adjustable betting lines is a Super Bet system. This can be found in the bottom left of the play area, presented with a plus and a minus button. Extra wilds may be added or removed from the left most row, done by simply clicking the appropriate button. Keep in mind, though, that adding wilds automatically increases the initial bet for that spin. Players can play this slot on the World Wide Web like making the Crown Oaks Day bets.

Gothic Online Slot Design

Bonuses and Specials

There are two special symbols worth mentioning in the Gothic slot game. This first is the expected wild symbol, which appears as a crystal ball. This symbol may match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence, and will work in conjunction with the extra wilds added on the left most reel. The crystal ball may not tell the future in this game, but it sure can fatten your wallet.

The second special symbol is the scatter symbol, shown as a bright red gem. If the scatter symbol matches at least 3 times it will trigger the Gem Selection mini-game. The player must select between 15 gems, behind which potential bonus prizes are hidden. The player may keep selecting until they hit a booby prize, which will end the sequence and return the player to the game. It need not be said that depending on the player’s luck, this mini-game may be the most lucrative bonus in the game.