Top 5 TV Themed Pokies Games For Players

TV series and programs are developing at a rapid pace and developers of online pokies have realised the many benefits of basing their pokies on these popular TV shows.

New Zealand pokies players will have many options to choose from with a range of features.

1. Game of Thrones

A popular TV series currently is Game of thrones and everyone is watching it.  Microgaming has developed an online pokies game based on this popular TV series.  This game features real life clips from the series as well as a soundtrack playing in the background.

Players take part in the battle for the Iron Throne and the game offers free spins and multipliers in the bonus feature.  Game of Thrones also has a gamble feature for players who enjoy taking an extra gamble and in this feature players must cross the four worlds and are given the opportunity for more winnings.

2. Gulliver’s Travels

For New Zealand pokies players who enjoy an adventure Amaya has developed Gulliver’s Travels based on the classic book and adapted for TV.  During the game players must locate themed symbols to find prizes.

Players will encounter the residents of Lilliput and will have to get past them to take part in the bonus games, Mega Lines Wild and Flip out Feature.

3. Smallville

Another popular pokies game is based on the TV series, Smallville which takes players to the world of the superhero Superman.  During this game players must attempt to save the world from the villain, Lex Luther as well as having to save hostages while trying to get out of a meteor shower.

Smallville also includes the iconic quick-change phone booth as well as other Superman hangouts like the Metropolis and the Daily Planet.  There is also the chance to win prizes for locating certain items.

4. CSI

CSI has become a very popular TV series and developers have based their online slots game on CSI Miami or New York.  The game features the actors from the show and clips from the series are played during the game.

Players can enjoy extra wilds and bonus games as well as the chance to win free spins.  Players get the chance to investigate a murder scene during a bonus game and must look for evidence to solve the crime and win more free spins.

5. Pawn Stars

Another popular TV show is Pawn Stars.  This show has been around since 2012 and tells the story of a pawnshop owner.  This show has been the number one non-fiction show in the US and is broadcast in 37 languages.  Bally Technologies have developed an online pokies game, which includes all the actors from the show.

The game has five reels and 25 paylines and has a jackpot of 18 400 coins which is multiplied by the amount that is bet.  The game has a bonus wheel featuring 11 different payout options as well as negotiation bonuses which are a fun part of the actual TV show.

Pawn Stars has wilds, free spins as well as pick’em features.  Players get the chance to collect various items and then are able to sell them to make extra credits.

Software developers have realised the importance of staying on top of technological advances when it comes to online casino gaming.  Developing pokies based on popular TV shows has increased the amount of players and continues to attract new players to try out nz online pokies.