The Nevada Gaming Control Board

When it comes to gambling, there is a significant difference between online casinos and land based casinos. While online gambling is certainly convenient and offers a wide range of gaming options, there is nothing that beats the feeling of walking into a live casino. The vibrant atmosphere, welcoming feeling and pure excitement offered at a live casino is what players are looking for every time they step in the door. It is widely accepted that Nevada in the USA is the home to some of the biggest and best casinos around, including the hundreds of casinos in Las Vegas. And overseeing these casinos is the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

The Creation of the Board

In every country around the world, legalised gambling and land based casinos are licenced and regulated by control commissions and control boards. The establishment of these commissions is to ensure that gambling and land based casinos in the state or jurisdiction comply with the rules of the state with no illegal activity and full transparency to the public. In Nevada, the Gaming Control Board was created in 1955 within the Nevada Tax Commission. The mission of the Control Board was to create a polity that aimed to eliminate undesirable elements in Nevada gaming and casinos. The policy was to provide regulations for licencing and operation of gaming in the area and establish rules and regulations for tax reports submitted to the state by the casinos.

The Board Members

The Nevada Gaming Control Board consists of three full-time members that are appointed by the Governor of Nevada for four-year terms. One of the three members acts as the chairman of the board and is responsible for regulating all aspects of Nevada’s gaming industry including all the casinos in the state. The main purpose of the board is to protect the integrity of the gaming industry within the state through investigations, licencing and enforcement of laws. The board is there to ensure the accurate collection of gaming taxes and fees which is an essential source of revenue for the state of Nevada. The board is also there to maintain public confidence in the gaming in the state.

The Gaming Control Board Divisions

The Nevada Gaming Control Board implements these policies and enforces State laws governing casinos and gaming through six separate divisions namely: Administration, Audit, Enforcement, Investigations, Tax and License and Technology. The administration division is responsible for maintaining the overall functionality of the board and commission. The audit division is mainly responsible for audition group 1 casinos in the state. These are casinos with an annual revenue of approximately $5.87 million or more. There are approximately 148 such casinos that fall into this category.

Enforcement of Gaming Laws and Licencing

The Enforcement division of the Nevada Gaming Control Board is concerned with the enforcement of gaming laws in Nevada which include casino employees. The investigations division is responsible for implementing investigations of misconduct and illegal activities either by the casino, its employees or by the public. The tax and licencing division is responsible for ensuring that every leading casino provider sites in the state is fully licenced and accurately submits their gaming taxes and fees. The technology division is responsible for maintain technical standards within the casinos.