Smartphone Vs. Tablet Online Casino Gaming

The distinction between smartphones and tablets appears to be getting smaller and smaller each year, and when it comes to the world of online casino gaming this is most certainly the case.

Following close to 5 years of growth, the tablet market seems to have officially stalled. It appears that the actual tablet sales began to fall in 2014 and it was because of one thing – the smartphone.

Due to the fact that the smartphones we see today can pretty much perform all of the tablet’s jobs and more, more and more people have started accessing their best-loved online casino games from their phones, while on the move and with a steady internet connection.

Battery Life

When it comes to playing online casinos games in Canada, many are choosing to play on their smartphones instead of their tablets due to the fact that tablets simply don’t keep up with the battery life standards that smartphones have created.

The average battery life of a smartphone has in actual fact doubled over the last few years to last close to 15 hours, while the average juice on a tablet will only last somewhere around 10 hours. From a technical perspective, this makes sense as it will take more power to run the bigger screens on a tablet than it does smartphones.


One of the biggest differences to consider between smartphones and tablets and who they are then used by in the world of online casino gaming is the lifestyles of those that play. Smartphones are often used by millennials and those living and breathing the fast-paced world that technology has brought with it.

Those with more seemingly more relaxed lifestyles are more likely to play online casino Dubai games on their tablets purely due to the fact that a tablet is harder to cart around and would therefore generally be found in someone’s home, while a smartphone can be easily carried wherever the player pleases.

Appeal According to Age

When it comes to tablets and smartphones, usage patterns differ according to what the platform is used for. So while smartphones and tablets are most regularly used for gaming, social networking and utilities, generally the tablet is preferred for gaming and smartphones are preferred for social networking.

That said, while the tablet may offer a bigger screen, and thus a better interface for older players or those with poor eyesight, smartphones tend to be preferred by players with ages between 18 and 34. This is probably because of the fact that the tablet offers an easier transition from the PC or laptop platform.


Players looking for a bit of control as to what they spend on online casino gaming should also consider whether a tablet or a smartphone is the cheaper option – although in this case, it has to be the tablet. Many tablets come without their own 4G connection and will therefore only be of use when connected to Wifi, while smartphones are able to connect constantly through a service provider.

Essentially, it becomes rather easy to forget that data is being consumed while playing, thus creating the possibility of a hefty bill at the end of the month. Playing on a tablet could ensure that players don’t spend too much on data.