Play Blackjack Online with this Guide

Play Blackjack Online with Guide

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world play blackjack online every day and, when one considers that it is easily the most popular casino game ever invented, it is easy to see why. The plain fact of it is that, however, is that, although it is a relatively simple game to learn the basic rules of, there is always room for improvement, and even dedicated players who play blackjack online and off frequently will always be finding new ways to improve their chances of winning and finding new ways to enjoy the game.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, it is now possible for anyone, anywhere to play blackjack online, and a wide variety of devices are able to deliver the experience. Players are able to fire up their desktops; switch on their laptops; select their smartphones or tap away on their tablet devices in search of the fun and entertainment this game provides, and there is a host of sites that are eager to get them to grips with the subtle nuances and strategy hints and tips that will help them boost their bankrolls in a far more regular manner.

The Basics of Playing Blackjack Online

Like making election bets, when players play blackjack online, the first step they will need to follow is that of placing a bet. After that, each person taking part in the game, including the dealer, will be dealt two cards. Players are then asked to hit, which means taking an additional card in the hopes of improving their hand and either reaching 21 or inching closer towards this total; or stay, which means that the player feels that he or she will only risk exceeding 21 if another card is dealt. Depending on the variation being played, there may be other options, including the chance to double-down or split. The dealer will generally be required to draw extra cards until he or she reaches a hand known as a hard-16. The dealer has to stay, or stand pat, when a total of 17 has been reached.

Playing Online Blackjack

Getting to the Golden Total of 21

The natural, or blackjack hand, is where the game’s name originated from, and this moniker is given to hands that have an ace and a face-card given in the first two-card deal. Statistics say that this hand will occur every 20 or so games, but there are exceptions to all rules, including this one, and many players have reported unbelievable lucky streaks when they play blackjack online.

Players who are able to make up a blackjack will receive the hand at an extra payout of three to two, rather than the normal one to one, as long as the dealer has not received a blackjack hand as well. Should a tie occur, all of the chips representing the bet the player has made will stay on the table and the hand will be pushed.

There is an option for players to take out insurance when the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, whereby they are able to put up half the original bet amount as cover in case the dealer is dealt a hand totalling 21. This option will pay the player out at two to one if this occurs.