Philippines-focused Poker at HeroPoker David Jung

David Jung is the chief executive officer, or CEO, and founder of HeroPoker, a gaming company created on the 23rd of January 2011. David Jung began his card game journey at PokerStars as the senior business development manager for the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, or APPT, in 2007, but he soon advanced to the position of regional marketing director of Asia for the company, achieving this in as early as 2008, after just one year in his previous position.

At this time David Jung established the biggest poker room in all of Asia, and then made use of it in order to host the APPT and Macau Poker Cup –which he had managed to establish during his time at Macau’s Grand Lisboa Casino with PokerStars. David Jung left PokerStars in March of 2010 in order to start his own online gaming enterprise under the Hero brand in January of 2011.

Divergence from Merge Gaming Network and US Market

When David Jung’s HeroPoker was established in 2011 it accepted players from the United States of America, but on the 25th of May 2011 its CEO made its exit from the US market known.

On the 20th of December 2012, HeroPoker departed from the Merge Gaming Network whilst moving its entire player base to that belonging to it. This company formed part of a big group of exits from the Merge Network, with Jung stating simply that in light of the view that the companies were headed in different directions they had decided to part ways. He further stated that he was happy with the split, and commended Merge for putting players’ needs first.

Information on the HeroPoker Network, as part of the Merge Gaming Network, operates its headquarters from Australia, and accepts players from the United States of America. This company’s game servers are based in Kahnawake, Canada, and it provides best online casinos games for Canadians  to enjoy alongside the more well-known poker game types and titles. These include triple draw lowball along with five-card draw; badugi; and razz.

HeroPoker’s main concentration is on making sure that individual attention is paid to its players as needed, and the excellent reputation that this company has managed to create has been built on the fact that they strive to ensure that their customer service is of the very highest standard. HeroPoker also makes it a priority to give back, doing this by making a point of engaging with the community by making sponsorships available on a monthly bases to various sports teams, to the value of between $100 and $2 000. They also provide sponsorships for individual poker players who have managed to meet their minimum requirement level.

There are a number of guaranteed tournaments available at HeroPoker as well, along with SNG leaderboard giveaways and big freerolls. The latter is offered on a daily basis, exclusive to players from Canada and the United States of America, and there are generous bonuses for new signups on offer as well.