Make The Most of the New Season with Betting Casino Crossovers

Football has more dedicated fans then any other sport on the planet, with millions gathering around their televisions, in pubs, or at stadiums, to scream themselves hoarse as they root for their favoured team. Events such as the English Premier League can bring entire cities to a standstill, and it is little wonder that such tournaments are also often an excellent time for entrepreneurs to make a bit of extra cash.

Bookmakers, for example, launch a number of special promotional offers and deals, which bring in tens of thousands of bet makers every new season. The benefit is not just to the bookmakers, however, as these promotional offers are also highly generous to the bet maker themselves. Here is a brief look at how you can make the most of the new season with betting casino crossovers. Keep in mind that this articles will look at only a few of the more popular websites currently online, and that there are many more betting websites available that may offer even better deals.

Bet365 Online Casino And Bookmaker

First on our list of websites that help you make the most of the new season with betting casino crossovers is Bet365. It is a website that needs no introduction, and many who enjoy football are already aware of the convenience offered by this globally recognised betting website. During the English Premier League, however, Bet365 steps up its game with special deals that are sure to get bet makers hot under the collar.

One such deal is the Euro Soccer Bonus, which allows up to a full one hundred percent extra return on bets won, when placing bets on European based football games at The deal is, however, only valid if a bet is placed on three separate teams to win. If one of these teams win, the payout will grant between five and one hundred percent extra, depending on the conditions of the special offer. Bet365 has a dedicated smart phone application that can quickly and easily be installed on both Android and Apple mobile phones.

Paddy Power Casino And Bookmaker

Next on the list of bookmakers that help make the most of the new season with betting casino crossovers is Paddy Power. Paddy Power is almost as well known as Bet365, and is known for likewise providing a smooth, user friendly bet making experience. In terms of English Premier League bonuses Paddy Power does not offer extra cash for big wins, but instead focuses on accommodating losses. If a bet maker places a bet on their top five teams to win, and none of these chosen teams win, Paddy Power will give the cash staked back, and allow it to be placed on a new bet after the season has finished. This may sound too good to be true, but Paddy Power is absolutely serious. Keep in mind, however, that the cash may not be withdrawn, and may only be used to place a new bet. These are two book makers to keep in mind when trying to make the most of the new season with betting casino crossovers.