Learn to Play Vegas Downtown Blackjack

This game is unsurprisingly, named after some of the Blackjack games that are run in downtown Las Vegas. For those who can’t physically get there, online Vegas Downtown Blackjack is convenient alternative.

With a low house edge of .39% it’s very popular and you should be able to find top-quality versions easily. To start your gameplay off in the right way, read the guidelines below before you do that.

Playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack

As with all Blackjack games your is to get a hand total as close to 21 as possible without Busting, or going any higher. Any higher, royal cards, aces and number cards are worth 10, 11 or 1 and their face value respectively. The Vegas Downtown version of Blackjack is usually played with 2 decks.

At the beginning of each round, participants place their bets and are then given 2 cards. The dealer will also get a hand of 2 cards, with 1 face-up and visible. Once you’ve reviewed your cards and the face-up dealer’s card, you need to decide how to play. A hand total of an ace and a 10-value card is known as a Blackjack, and wins automatically..

Each player will get a chance to Hit and get dealt more cards as they try to improve their hand. You can also Split a pair of same-value cards, up to 3 times to create 4 hands. Doubling Down, which refers to doubling your bet and then drawing only 1 more card for each hand, is possible on any 2 cards and is allowed after a Split. When you’re happy with your hand, you can Stand and end your turn. Lastly, if you split a pair of aces you’ll be dealt only 1 more card to each hand and will then have to stand.

The dealer must Hit until reaching at least 17. If they have a Soft 17 hand, they must Hit as well. A Soft hand contains an ace and a Hard hand does not, and since the ace can be worth 11 or 1 you can never go Bust when Hitting a Soft 17.

This flexibility raises the house edge in Vegas Downtown Blackjack somewhat, but the Peek rule that is in place negates this somewhat. With this, if the dealer’s visible card is an ace or has a value of 10, the other card must be checked and a Blackjack must be revealed. This should stop players from making wagers that they are destined to lose.

At the end of the round all hands are revealed. You win if your hand is higher than the dealer’s and yours is not, if the dealer has gone bust and you haven’t, or, of course,if you have achieved Blackjack. This pays out 3:2 and is, as always, the most rewarding hand of the game making it feel like you’d won an online baccarat NZ game.

Developing Strategy in Vegas Downtown Blackjack

The more you play this game, the more insight and appreciation you’ll have for it. Useful strategy tables, which show you what to do in the instance of every possible card configuration, are available. Since it’s a 2-deck game, counting cards is also a lot more possible than with Blackjack variations that use more decks. However, this still requires plenty of practice.

Use the free play option that most online casinos offer to try out and polish any new techniques, and then when you feel confident you can apply them to real money games. Investigating what works for you should improve your understanding of the game as well, so think of this as time that is well invested.