King Cashalot 5 Reel Slots Review for Casino Gamblers Online

For those who are all about chasing the progressive jackpot millions, the King Cashalot 5 reel slot game is for you. The game has mediocre graphics, and not much in the way of special effects or engaging sounds, but what it does have is some of the biggest payouts you’re likely to find in a modern slot game. And just to be clear, the progressive jackpot is a life changing sum of money. The kind of money a person could happily retire on. To put it bluntly; the King Cashalot 5 reel slot game is about its payouts, not about its visual design.

But what does the game offer in terms of visuals? The King Cashalot 5 reel slot game is based around a very wealthy king. He sits with a great big gold crown upon his head, and a great bushy white beard below his head. He seems like a friendly sort, but won’t be doing much except for standing as an alluring way for the player to be a millionaire. If the king is matched 5 times on the centre reel, the progressive jackpot is paid out.

Other than the king, the symbols have a queen, a knight, a princess, and a whole lot of food. None are especially interesting, but has as already been said, it won’t be the graphics you are paying attention to.

Big Mega Payouts

The four main characters in the King Cashalot 5 reel slot game are immensely valuable for you, with each having an extravagant payout it matched the maximum of 5 times. The king is, of course, the most valuable, and even if he doesn’t pay out the progressive jackpot, matching him 5 times is sure to put a smile on the player’s face. His queen is not as valuable, but matching her will still be cause for celebration. The princess and knight are worth a great deal less, but it’s worth keeping an eye on them.

The lowest value symbols are the items of food, and although all looking delicious wont exactly be breaking the bank. Matching any of these symbols the minimum of 3 times is a paltry sum hardly worth noticing, and even 5 times matches are underwhelming. It seems that it pays to be close to royalty in the King Cashalot 5 reel slot game. But let’s now focus on the golden dragon, who clearly has a lot of gold to share with lucky players.

Golden Dragon Bonuses

Match the happy looking gold dragon at least 3 times and the treasure mini-game is activated. A second screen will open, showing the king sitting beside treasure chests. The player must select treasure chests to reveal the bonus prizes inside. Only 3 choices are allowed, which means the player must select wisely. Although every chest will have cash, only some chests have jackpot amounts. Once the 3 choices are made the bonus cash will be added to the current balance, and the standard game will resume. Best get on the king’s good side now.