Charleston – 1977 Italian Comedy Film

Charleston was released 5 March in 1977 in Italy and has a running time of 93 minutes. The film was distributed by Delfo Cinematografica. Charleston was directed by Marcello Fondato and produced by Elio Scardamaglia. It was written by Marcello Fondato and Francesco Scardamaglia. The music is enjoyable and was directed by Maurizio and Guido De Angelis. Charleston and was first released on DVD in Finland on 21 January 2009. Parental guidance is advised for this film.


Charleston is an Italian comedy starring Bud Spencer who plays Charleston. Spencer is a con man who tries to con someone who seems to be none the wiser, but instead he gets scammed for 5 million dollars.  James Coco plays Joe Lo Monaco, a gangster who together with his lawyer are trying to get rid of a luxury boat, a floating Las Vegas, which Coco owns in order to get the insurance money. Spencer and his crew are trying to double cross Coco. Besides trying to con Coco, Bud Spencer and his crew steal a Gauguin form the home of a police inspector Watkins, played by Herbert Lom. This film is a comedy filled with mobsters, reckonings, theft, brawls, AFL betting and fights.

Bud Spencer fans will enjoy this film as it is full of humour and slapstick comedy. There is also a lot of stunt work.

Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer, born Carlo Pedersoli is an Italian actor, filmmaker and used to be a professional swimmer. He was born in Naples, Italy on the 31 October 1929. Spencer changed his name in 1967 in admiration for Spencer Tracy and his favourite beer, Budweiser. He mainly acted in films made for the Italian market and his career was only minor league until late 1960’s. He is best known for his roles in action comedies with his partner Terence Hill. Spencer also has a law degree and is a certified airline and helicopter pilot. He has had several patents registered. Spencer is involved in many children’s charities which include the Spencer Scholarship Fund. Bud Spencer has been nominated and has won many awards in his acting career.

James Coco

James Coco was an American actor and singer and plays the part of the gangster in Charleston. Coco has been nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy Award and Golden Raspberry Award.  Coco began his career on Broadway before doing film and television roles. Coco also received a Tony Award nomination as Best Actor in a Play and was nominated for an Oscar in 1981.


Other members of the cast include Jack La Cayenne who plays Jack Watson, Dino Emanuelli plays Bull, Geoffrey Bayldon plays Uncle Fred, Ronald Lacey plays Frankie, Gino La Monica plays Sergeant Roy, Renzo Marignano plays Morris, Michele Stark plays the part of Morris’s girlfriend, Lucretia Love plays the secretary, Peter Glaze is the casino owner and Roland MacLeod plays Brown.

Bud Spencer fans will be entertained by the comedy and slapstick humour of this film.  There is lots of action and even a dance by Bud Spencer.