Casino Raiders II – 1991 Hong Kong Action Drama Film

Casino Raiders II was released 13 June 1991 and has a running time of 91 minutes.  It was distributed by Golden Harvest.  The film was directed by Johnnie To and is the third part in the Casino Raiders series.  The first in the series is Casino Raiders released in 1989 and the second is No Risk, No Gain released in 1990.  The series have different storylines, but all star the same main actor, Andy Lau.  Casino Raiders II grossed HK$ 16 889 659 at the box office.  The film was nominated for an award at the 11th Hong Kong Film Awards for best original film song.


The cast includes Andy Lau who is the principal actor and plays Chicken Feet, Kit is played by Dave Wong, Siu-Mui is played by Jacklyn Wu, Kelvin Wong plays James and Uncle Fan is played by Lau Siu-Ming.


The legend says that before the god of gamblers retired he gave two people each a piece of a jade tablet.  Whoever has a piece of this tablet can invite the god of gamblers to help them win a gambling competition.

Chicken Feet helps Uncle Fan and Kit run a gambling den. The ruthless triad boss, James, had once before tried to close down the establishment and in the process Fan had been crippled.  Chicken Feet, Kit and James were once apprentices of Fan. On a gambling trip to Osaka James kills Yamamoto for money and in so doing betrayed Fan, leaving him crippled and Kit was framed for the murder of Yamamoto.  Kit is put in prison for the murder and Fan and Chicken Feet open a gamble table on a boat.  James continues in search of the jade tablet which he needs to win the championship and believes that Fan knows where it is.  Fan decides to commit suicide in order to save Kit and Chicken Feet.  Kit is released from prison, but James is still pursuing him in search of the jade tablet.

James is driven by money and is in search of the Jade tablet.  James threatens Kit by kidnapping his daughter and tries to convince Kit to stop online NZ gambling so that he can win at the next championship.  Although Kit just wants to live a quiet life Chicken Feet together with his partner Lin, decide to take revenge against James. James tries to kill Siu-Mui, who later dies as a result after Chicken Feet locates the jade tablet.   Kit meanwhile throws the jade tablet into the ocean.

Chicken Feet and Kit both take part in the Gambling Championship and end up in the final round with James and another player.  Chicken Feet and James are left and Chicken Feet uses a fake jade tablet and stakes his own life against James’s life.  James folds and Chicken Feet wins and becomes the new champion.


This film is in no way related to the first Casino raiders and Andy Lau plays a completely different character.

Casino Raiders II is an action packed film set in Hong Kong and is filled with drama and intrigue and should have viewers on the edge of their seats.