Caribbean Stud Poker Suits Online Game Play

The latest trend in casino play, probably as a result of mobile influences, has been to abbreviate and shorten many of the traditional casino games. The shorter style game, of which Caribbean stud poker is a prime example, are quicker to play, have concentrated and condensed action, and require less concentration to complete. This is the part of online casino development that has made the online version of game play virtually indistinguishable from games that are played at brick and mortar casinos. Being able to access and play Caribbean stud poker online gives players the freedom to play this abbreviated version of 5-card stud poker with ease.

Many Versions of Poker Available

The world of online casinos has re-invented online poker USA, with the versatility of this great game leading to the birth of numerous versions. Caribbean stud poker is one such version, but certainly one that can take its place alongside all the traditional versions with absolute pride.

Caribbean stud poker takes only a few minutes to play since the players play directly against the banker in only three rounds of betting. This version of poker is effectively of short enough duration to suit most mobile applications and access capabilities. Caribbean stud poker is available in most online casinos as either a downloadable game, or more generally nowadays, by accessing the flash, or instant version. In addition, this game retains the essence of real poker and is appreciated by genuine poker aficionados. Players can always select whether they wish to play the free version for the pure enjoyment of it, or for real money, utilising the secure payment schemes that online and mobile poker sites offer.

The Rules and Aims of Caribbean Stud Poker

Playing Caribbean stud poker is extremely simple and quick. Once a player has placed their ante bet, the player and the dealer receive five cards each. In the case of the dealers’ hand, four cards are dealt face down and one is face up. Players then look at their cards and make a decision whether to play or fold. Should they select play, this means doubling the ante bet. Players make this decision based on the cards in their hand and the single visible card in the dealers’ hand.

The dealer will then turns over the face-down cards in his hand. For the dealer to qualify for continuation in the game, their hand needs to contain, as a minimum requirement, an ace and a king. Should this not be achieved, the player immediately receives a 1 to 1 pay-out on their ante bet.

If the dealers hand does indeed contain an ace and a king, the dealers hand is compared with the players’ in a standard poker showdown where the winner is determined by the poker hand value.

The Pay-outs in this Game

Should the player win this comparison, their hand is then evaluated according to the Caribbean stud poker pay table. The pay-out is based upon their poker hand rankings and the size of the call bet. The pay-out odds range from even money for a pair, up to 200 to 1 for the top hand in the game, a royal flush.