Best Things in Life Slot Machine Reviewed for Pokies Lovers

Best Things in Life Slot Machine

Many people in the world aspire to great riches, and a life of luxury, Fast cars, exotic holidays, and expensive gifts are the theme of the game in Best Things In Life Slot. Made by iSoftware, this online casino slot game is all about big spenders, and the things they spend their money on, and will be popular to those slot players who want the best things in life.

Featuring 25 paylines across 5 reels, Best Things In Life Slot is a traditional slot game in many aspects, but will be especially enjoyable to those who prefer simple and fast-paced gameplay. Symbols are made up of images of pure luxury, from a tropical getaway, a leer jet, super car, and jewellery. Traditional symbols of lower value fill the rest of the reels, containing numbers and letters found in most slots games. The background and button layout are accentuated with a strong pink, while the reels themselves are golden. Even the title of the game at the top of the screen contains sparkling diamonds.

Best Things in Life Slot Gameplay

The point of the game in Best Things In Life Slot is winning, and this is made extremely simple through the straightforward mechanics of the game. Where many traditional slots games are complicated to use, Best Things In Life Slot is the complete opposite, allowing the player sit back while the reels spin and wins are racked up.

Players start off by making a bet on their laptop or smartphone, choosing the amount they want to wager on every spin. The higher the amount that is bet, the higher the winnings can be, whenever the right combinations are landed. Betting is also tied in with all multipliers in the game, meaning that the more that is bet, the more players can potentially earn back in returns.

Once the players have set the bet amount of their choice, they can then hit the spin button to start spinning the reels. Wins are determined by what symbols land where, once the reels have stopped, and the subsequent combinations those symbols produce. For a more relaxing game, players can use the auto spin function to allow the game to basically play itself, with the amount of automatic spins able to bet set.

Best Things in Life Internet Slot

Wilds and Scatters in Best Things in Life Slot

Like bonuses in many pokies at, on top of the main game, bonus content in Best Things In Life Slot comes in the form of the scatter and the wild symbol. The wild is represented as golden coins, while the scatter is a logo of the Best Things In Life.

The wild is simple symbol, and acts solely as a substitute for all the other symbols in the game. This means that the wild allows certain combinations to be completed whereas otherwise it would not be an option.

The scatter can land up to five times across the reels, although the player will only need three to gain the bonus free spins. Along with the free spins, players will receive a multiplier to their current bet.

Best Things in Life Slot Verdict

An array of luxury symbols, bonus wilds and scatters, and a general theme of wealth make this game a popular choice for those who aspire to a life of affluence.