Ambiance Online Slot by iSoftware Gaming in Detail

iSoftware Ambiance Online Slot

Ambiance Slot is an online casino slots game powered by iSoftware, and is all about music. Symbols, the soundtrack, and the general theme of the game will entertain players who enjoy a calm, relaxing experience. Players will find soft lighting effects, a colourful aesthetic, and slow electronic music.

Ambiance Slot is made up of 5 reels and 20 paylines, featuring additional scatters and wilds. There is no triggered bonus event in the game, but this should not dissuade players from trying Ambiance Slot out. Lower value symbols are the traditional letters and numbers, and higher value slots are musical notes. Along with the soundtrack, certain events like landing wilds and scatters, as well as earning wins will cause the game to play specific tunes that tie in well with the overall theme.

Playing Ambiance Slot

While many online casino slots games are complicated and overwhelming to new mobile casino players, Ambiance Slot keeps things simple and easy to manage. Beneath the reels, right in the centre, players will find the three buttons they will use the most, namely the spin, autospin, and max bet options. While experienced players will know exactly what functions these buttons contain, new players will quickly learn every feature.

The spins buttons begins spinning the reels, which will come to a stop at random, with the hope of landing symbols that equal to a winning combination. The auto spin can be used as a substitute for the spin button, where players can set how many times Ambiance Slot will spin the reels automatically. The max bet option will max the possible wager available, meaning the highest possible winnings won when landed. The max bet can be used at the player’s will, as Ambiance Slot is completely free to play on many websites.

Like making the Cricket World Cup bets online, Ambiance Slot is an instant game, meaning that it can be played directly on any browser that has an active Internet connection. Players will not need to download the game, and will only have to wait a small amount of time as the game loads, which can go extremely quickly.

Playing Ambiance Slot

Ambiance Slot Symbols

The many different symbols in the game hold different values, and can make up various combinations. The musical notes, letters, and numbers make up sequences that allow for winnings to be earned. The player can view all information on the values of symbols, as well as the combinations available in detail by using the pay table button located in the left hand corner.

Alongside the regular symbols, Ambiance Slot also features wilds and scatters. Both the wild and scatter are displayed as musical notes, though they have different functions. The wild acts as a substitute for all other symbols in the game other than the scatter, meaning the wild can be used to fill out combinations across the reels that were previously impossible. The scatter, on the other hand, will award the player with payoffs that are calculated by however much the player’s initial winnings for that round are. Landing three or more scatters guarantees bonus winnings, and landing five scatters means free spins.

Ambiance Slot Verdict

With its soft, ambient music, pretty colours, and simple, classic gameplay, Ambiance Slot has everything both new and experienced players could want in an online slots game.