A Simple Guide To Betting On Cycling

Understanding the world of betting on cycling starts with knowing the different cycling betting markets. There exists a range of these across a spread of global cycling betting markets, with the ones we’re about to discuss some of the more common ones shared across the worldwide spectrum.

In cycling, there exists three main betting markets. They are: The Green Jersey, the Best Young Rider, and the King of the Mountains. We will now look at what each type of market involves, followed by a few basic pointers for formulating a cycling betting strategy.

The Green Jersey Bet

The Green Jersey Bet applies to Sprint events within the bigger context of races. As such, there are several opportunities to place several Green Jersey Bets over the span of a Tour. Cycling’s Green Jersey is awarded at the end of every stage, and the Green Jersey Bet wagered on the predicted (likely) winners of stages.

The Best Young Rider Bet

All riders aged 26 or under can enter the challenge to be named Best Young Rider. This particular award is bestowed upon the rider with the best overall record during a specific race or Tour. Best Young Rider bets are obviously placed on the young rider showing the most potential in the under-26 age group.

The King Of The Mountains Bet

The King of the Mountain award is one that is exceptionally sought after, and is awarded the rider who earns the most points in the mountain climbing-category of a race.

In order for the King of the Mountains bet to be successful, the bettor must take into account every rider’s individual track record for climbing well, anticipated weather conditions, current rider condition in terms of fitness and strength, etc.

Tips For Betting On Cycling

While doing one’s homework and conducting in-depth and ongoing research will never guarantee a sure-fire cycling bet, information remains the number one key to success – in any form of sports betting.

In addition to keeping informed, the budding cycling sports bettor must also know the importance of looking for and finding the best value on the odds lines. When discussing odds, it is crucial to “shop around”. It’s no good to continuously accept the first available odds offered by any random bookmaker. Cycling bettors must also research what all happens to be available across a range of bookmakers in order to find and benefit from the best possible odds.